Audio Response Phone System


Need to find out information about your accounts now? The Audio Response Phone System allows you 24-hour access to your information.

By following the instructions given by the recording, you can access your personal account information, Credit Union general information, and current savings and loan rates.

The system can also help you calculate loan payments. Just provide the amount you would like to pay per month to find out the total loan amount available or provide the total loan amount to find out what your payments would be.

Forget your PIN number or need more information? Call 386.506.3040 for assistance.

Note: Due to an unrepairable problem with the phone system, you may experience a sound similar to sending a fax when trying to connect to the Audio Response Phone System. If this occurs, please hang up the phone and try your call again in a few minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
How to Use the Audio Response Phone System

To access your personal account information you will need your PIN number. Please update your PIN number immediately when opening your account. If you have forgotten your PIN, contact us for assistance.

Step 1:
Dial ext. 3040 from on campus or call 386.506.3040.

Step 2:
Enter number one to get into the system.

Step 3:
Choose the appropriate selection(s) followed by the # sign.

Enter 1 + #: General Information

Enter 2 + #: Savings Rates

Enter 3 + #: Loan Rates

Enter 4 + #: Member Account Information

Enter 6 + #: Loan Payment Calculator

For Personal Account Information

Enter 4 + #
Enter your four-digit account number + # (example: 1111#)
Enter your PIN + # (example: 2222#)

(Your PIN number will automatically be the last four digits of your Social Security Number when you open your account. Please update your PIN number as soon as possible.)

To change your PIN number: Enter 31 + #

Enter 11 + #: Savings Account Information
You will be given the balance on all accounts.

Enter 12 + #: Loan Information
The System will prompt you through your balance(s) and give you your line of credit available.

Enter 13 + #: Checking Account Information
You will be asked to enter the checking number you are looking for.

Enter 14 + #: Last Dividend Posted

Enter 15 + #: Payroll Information

Enter 16 + #: Savings Rates

Enter 17 + #: Loan Rates

Enter 18 + #: To Transfer Funds

Follow the prompted instructions.

Enter 19 + #: Last Withdrawal & Deposit

Enter 20 + #: Last Loan Advance & Payment

Enter 21 + #: To Have a Check Sent to You

Enter 22 + #: Complete Checking Account History

Enter 23 + #: To Apply for a Loan

Enter 31 + #: Change Your PIN Number